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Immigration Election Issues

I believe in a fair immigration policy that supports and encourages legal immigration into the United States. We are a country of immigrants and it is the rich ethnic fabric that has made this country what it is today: a land of equal opportunity, law and order. Together all the people that have immigrated to the United States, including Hispanic, European, Asian, and African make this the greatest nation on earth.

I believe that employers should use the Department of Homeland Security’s E-Verify system to insure that all the employees it hires are in the country legally. There should be random checks of employers, and any employer found hiring anyone without an E-verify Card should receive severe penalties and/or fines.

I also believe that any solution to America’s health care improvements should include restricting benefits to American citizens and those responsible immigrants who have made the extraordinary effort to enter this country legally. In order to receive any medical benefits in the United States, the individual must therefore be a legal immigrant and have an EVerify Card. I assure you, individuals who are in this country ILLEGALLYwill leave on their own and NOT Come Back if they cannot find work and cannot get medical care.

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