Elect Dan Fanelli for congress

Jobs & Energy Election Issues

Our dependence on foreign energy has weakened our economy, caused us to be dependent on foreign nations, and negatively affected our national security. The United States must take advantage of all of our domestic resources to create jobs and reinvigorate our economy, the greatest economic machine in the world!

The flow of jobs and US dollars out of our nation to foreign countries must stop!

A recent report stated that new drilling for US oil will provide 225,000 jobs in Florida alone. Another study showed that only 4% of pollution is a result of drilling for the oil compared with 49% caused by transporting the oil to the US. By producing the oil domestically we will reduce the net pollution by 45%!

I believe we must utilize our vast Natural Resources now to provide JOBs and energy for our current economic recovery and expansion. Also, I believe it is important to emphasize the need for research and development necessary for technological advances in solar, wind, and hydro-electric alternative energy sources for future generations.

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