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Pro-Life Election Issues

I am a strong Pro-Life conservative. I believe that life begins at conception and that we must protect those sacred unborn lives. I will fight to ensure that no US tax dollars are spent to fund abortions or Planned Parenthood organizations. I am the Grand Knight for my church’s Knights of Columbus Council, which is a Pro Life group that raises money for the handicapped, those in need, bibles, and the education for future priests.

I feel very fortunate (and blessed) for Anne and I to have become grandparents early this year. While my daughter was pregnant, my wife and I accompanied her to get some of the sonograms the doctor had prescribed to check on the development of the baby. There were two types of sonograms: one was a 2D and the other was a 3D. The 3D sonograms are incredible! It almost appeared like a beautiful 3D sculpture of the baby. You can see the baby moving, and you can see expressions on the baby’s face. At one point it appeared the baby had a fearful look on his face as the sonogram sensor came very close. At other times it appeared that he was smiling. It was an awesome experience and very exciting for Anne and me, as future grandparents seeing all this! It is for these reasons that I strongly support the bill to require pregnant women to have a sonogram prior to making the final decision to end their unborn baby’s life, a bill that was unfortunately vetoed by Governor Charlie Crist.

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