Elect Dan Fanelli for congress

Taxes & Spending Election Issues

We must reduce the size and intrusion of big government. To get our economy going again Congress must focus on economic incentives such as reduced taxes, less regulations on our free markets; and a smaller, NOT larger Federal Government. Only then will the greatest economic engine in the world, our free market enterprise system bring JOBS and prosperity back to the United States!

No government in the history of the world has ever borrowed its way out of debt, and our national debt is over an inconceivable and staggering $12 Trillion! Out of control spending and ridiculous earmarks must end immediately! Both Parties are responsible for our current debt, and it will take a diplomatic Statesman like myself, not the divisive and inflammatory Alan Grayson, to lead a bi-partisan effort to fix it!

Clearly we must do more than reduce the national debt; we must eliminate it! I’m going to Congress to work tirelessly to end the “Tax and Spend” politics that has our nation heading on a direct course for bankruptcy!

When elected, I will propose a 6 Year Averaged Balanced Budget Amendment that will require the average budget over a 6 year period to be balanced. To end wasteful earmarks that have become so common and often unrelated to the Bill in formulation, included in this amendment will be a requirement that any unrelated earmarks added to a Bill must have a decrease elsewhere equal to 2 times the earmarks amount on the Bill.

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