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War On Terror Election Issues

I am a former Navy Pilot with a Top Secret security clearance who received “Terrorist Threat Briefings,” as well as being a 20 year Commercial Airline pilot and Captain who received annual “Terrorist Threat Training.” I also have the real life experience of being the Captain of a commercial airline flight on September 11th, 2001 from Detroit to Washington National when the Twin Towers went down and the Pentagon was attacked, and feel fully and uniquely qualified to speak as an authority on this subject.

The current Congress and Administration has failed to recognize the seriousness of the Terror Threat facing the United States. We are clearly a nation in danger from extremists and fanatics from all over the world. Of major significance, the Islamic “Jihad” has given rise to a growing number of radicals who want to destroy our way of life. With the expanded use of the internet, the threat from terrorist sympathizers and unstable individuals is even greater than ever! The Terrorist Threat is real, is growing, and must be met head-on in a meaningful and not wasteful way.

First of all, we must realize that not all passengers are law abiding citizens! It is time to stop penalizing the patriotic American public when utilizing air travel. Knee-jerk reactions by the Administration and Homeland Security to take away blankets and stop the use of Computers from the average American passenger one hour prior to arrival are band-aids that are putting the focus in the wrong area! We must realize the negative effect that “political correctness” has had on our airport and national security, and rid ourselves of what was previously the cornerstone for our airport security checks.

It is clear that the Terrorist Threat comes predominantly from passengers from Foreign Countries, that they should be profiled, and that they require a higher level of search prior to being cleared for travel by Airport Security. Next, passengers from certain “designated Threat Countries” as well as all individuals on “Watch Lists” should have an even more extensive search, including a full “pat-down” search and complete bag search for all carry-on or checked luggage. This highest level of search would also include anyone traveling with a one-way ticket, a ticket paid in cash, or anyone without any bags.

In order to not waste the resources and manpower of Airport Security, American’s with “low threat-no threat” credentials should be afforded the opportunity to apply for a quicker security check utilizing a finger print scanner to verify identity. The people who believe they will qualify for this “low threat” treatment should be encouraged to request a background check for this classification, and would require the lowest level of Airport Security check, with the added caveat that they have to verify that their bags have been in their possession continuously since being packed. This quicker security check procedure would help to alleviate long lines in Airport Security, and put the focus where it needs to be!

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